Digital Photography Basics For Everyone

Digital photography basics are what everyone must learn when just starting out; you may even be quite experienced and just looking for some new info so you can improve your skill and knowledge base. No matter which, you will find some great links to basic Digital photography lessons on this page here. Even after doing photography for many years I […]

Digital Camera Settings and Their Meanings

This ‘Digital Camera Settings’ lesson is split into two parts… if you’ve already read part one, click here for part 2 Are the digital camera settings on your newly purchased dslr confusing you? I’m not surprised. If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering what all those images and letters on the dial of your dslr really mean. Not to […]

A Tamrac Camera Bag Is The Best

A Tamrac camera bag is the brainchild of nature and wildlife photographers who couldn’t find an adequate case for their equipment and style of travel. So rather than settle for one that didn’t work, they created their own. In 1977 Tamrac was founded. Being from California and lovers of nature, the founders name the company after a pine tree. The […]

5 Reasons To Buy A New Camcorder

Within the modern world the digital camcorder is becoming one of the most commonly used devices. With new models coming into the market place on a regular basis and these all have a ranger of features, camcorders tend to be something that is growing in popularity. Many people do not know, how exactly to operate camcorders properly and get benefited […]

Why Good Wedding Photographers are Important

Each year, a lot of couples get married. They do their very best to make sure that their wedding go smoothly. They hire the best caterers, the most sought after wedding venue, the best florist, and almost the best in everything that they could afford. The problem is, sometimes, they fail to get the best wedding photographer and cheap out […]