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Home Insurance – Peace of Mind for Your Family, Your Future

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If you are a homeowner, you know the incredible significance your home has in your life. It is, most likely, the biggest financial investment you will ever make and it is the backdrop of your daily life and memories for possibly many years to come. With an investment of this magnitude and importance, it only makes sense to do all you can to protect it, including regular cleaning and maintenance, repairs if necessary, and not least of all – securing sufficient homeowner’s insurance.

Whether you are just starting out in your first home or finding that perfect place to retire, you want to make sure that your home will be there for you. Having adequate home insurance will protect you in case of unforeseen circumstances such as fire, flood, sinkholes, or damage from other sources. If you’re not sure where to start, getting home insurance quotes in Chestermere will give you an idea of current rates and coverages.

Like any other service, it is a good idea to shop around and compare rates. You don’t necessarily want to go with the least expensive quote you receive. Be sure to check coverage amounts to make sure that it will be sufficient for you and your family, and also ensure that all components of your property are covered, such as a pool or a shed. Flood insurance may or may not be required, depending on where you live, so be sure to check requirements in your local area.

Once you have found a company that you trust and whose premiums work within your budget, ask the agent to explain all coverages in the contract. It’s important to know exactly what is covered and what is not, and how much those coverages include. The last thing you want to do during an emergency is to scramble around, trying to figure out your insurance policy. Knowledge is power and being informed from the beginning will only help you later on.

The importance of your home cannot be overemphasized. This is where you escape from the hectic rush of everyday life, where you raise your family, and where you make memories for a lifetime. The importance of homeowner’s insurance also cannot be overemphasized. Don’t take chances with the biggest investment of your life by neglecting what can protect it most during an emergency. Call for your quote today for the peace of mind you deserve for you and your family’s future.…

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Digital Photography Basics For Everyone

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Digital photography basics are what everyone must learn when just starting out; you may even be quite experienced and just looking for some new info so you can improve your skill and knowledge base.

No matter which, you will find some great links to basic Digital photography lessons on this page here.

Even after doing photography for many years I still myself often ‘go back to basics’, and am surprised by things I have overlooked.

To be honest even though I use the term digital photography basics what we are really talking about is actually ‘photography basics and fundamentals’ . Although the technology of photography has changed, the principles of photography have not.

I still remember learning photograpic basics from my photography teacher with my first camera, the trusty Praktica, a German camera that reassuringly would ‘clunk and click’ every time you pressed a button.

Although by todays standards it would be considered almost ancient, it was in fact a great starting camera for learning photography at college, and the truth is, wherever that camera is now (I sold it a long time ago) it’s probably still in working order!

The same possibly can’t be said of some digital cameras even only five years old.

Before the days of auto-focus, and settings that could give optimized automatic photographs for portraits, moving objects and so on, there were only three things that counted (and still now, if the truth be told).

These three things are what we will now look at in digital photography basics; if we can master these three technical details together and the inter-play they create, then we are well and truly on our way to taking great photos and our creativity will be limitless.

Already seen the Digital Photography Basics? Then find out more about Learning Photography here.

The three foundations of modern day photography and therefore digital photography are based on aperture, shutter speed and film speed.

So first things first let’s take a look at:


Film Speed/ISO

Now you may be rubbing your eyes wondering if I really said what I just said i.e. ‘film speed’; as we are talking about digital photography here, but just in case you haven’t found it out on your digital slr yet…

…let me tell you something… it’s still there (albeit seemingly hiding).

This function has remained; and nowadays if your digital slr (single-lens-reflex) is on the manual setting, you will be able to input a film speed, for example 100 ISO, 200 ISO, 400 ISO being the most common.

Each film speed was originally designed with a view to it being used in the conditions the film was designed for (see below), but photographers being photographers, they frequently used certain speeds of film to create a certain look in their pictures.

For example, if I was working in bright daylight yet I wanted my pictures to look grainy (put your mouse over the above pic to see what I mean), I would use a 400 ISO/ASA or …

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Digital Camera Settings and Their Meanings

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This ‘Digital Camera Settings’ lesson is split into two parts… if you’ve already read part one, click here for part 2

Are the digital camera settings on your newly purchased dslr confusing you? I’m not surprised. If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering what all those images and letters on the dial of your dslr really mean.

Not to worry, take a look at the following explanations and you should be well on your way to learning how to use your dslr camera as it was designed to be, and allowing you even greater control and creativity.

Let’s begin from the middle of the dial downwards:

Automatic (a green square-Canon; or, a green camera, with the big-hint words I so love, subtly saying ‘AUTO’-Nikon):

Just like it says, its automatic, completely. This rather reduces your dslr into a glorified compact digital ‘point & shoot’ camera, all be it, a rather good one with changeable lenses.

This setting should probably be used only when you suddenly see something you want to take a shot of, but you don’t have time to alter your digital camera settings for manually.

Many people buy an entry level dslr and simply remain stuck at this stage, as you can still get some really good shots. I would advise moving onto one of the priority settings, and beginning to experiment as quickly as possible. Look upon the priority settings as learning to ride a bike with stabilizers on.

The Picture modes
The picture modes you will see on a dslr camera represent pre-programmed settings, between the shutter speed, aperture and other aspects, that the cameras manufacturers think will give good shots for those subjects.

In truth, bearing in mind situations and conditions always vary, that’s something of an impossibility.

These modes are represented by pictures such as a head (portrait), a mountain (landscape), a flower (macro/close up) and a person running (fast movement photography).

There’s not much point in using them really, as you may as well have bought a much cheaper compact digital camera instead, for all the good it will do you.

These setting can’t even guarantee a decent shot with the aforementioned subjects. At least begin with the Automatic Exposure settings (AE).

Automatic-Flash (man with a star beside his head):

Just like it says, this makes the flash work on an automatic setting, and has it primed and ready. You might just as well put the camera on the usual automatic setting really, as the flash will come up anyway, should it be needed.

Relatively pointless in use.

Flash-override (lightening bolt/arrow-Canon; moon and building-Nikon):

A mode that allows you to turn off the flash, but still use the camera automatically.

Possible uses include night time photography, where you don’t want the light you are capturing to be affected by the cameras flash, or, you already have a sufficient fill-in light source, or you are deliberately going for a certain effect.

For the digital camera settings from the top of the dial downwards …

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A Tamrac Camera Bag Is The Best

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A Tamrac camera bag is the brainchild of nature and wildlife photographers who couldn’t find an adequate case for their equipment and style of travel. So rather than settle for one that didn’t work, they created their own. In 1977 Tamrac was founded.

Being from California and lovers of nature, the founders name the company after a pine tree. The Tamrac pine logo is represented on all products. For more than twenty years Tamrac cases have been protecting photography equipment for photographers all over the world.

Tamrac cases are known as carrying systems. It is a system of outer components that keep your camera dry and dirt free, and inner elements that form a protective cushion. Often the bags have adjustable compartments to help you fit your specific camera or set of lenses.

Only the best fabrics and hardware are used to create each bag. The outer materials resist tearing and snagging, and shed water. The same plastic used to protect football players skulls is also used to cushion your valuable camera and lenses.

Tamrac is an innovator in the field of camera bags. They were the first company to use side release buckles on their bags. Zippers, hooks, and clips that close or attach handles, and straps are the heaviest duty available.

The bane of all photographers, specks in the picture. Lint and dust will not stick to the fabric used to line the interior of cases. The core is made with shock absorbing foam. There is a bag to hold the smallest digital camera and one that protects several cameras, lenses, computer and tripod. Some bags have a tiny purse strap, while others have wheels and retractable handles.

In addition to the practical uses, these camera cases are also functionally designed. They are developed with ease of use and quick access in mind. You are hiking up a steep trail with your camera safely and comfortably stored in a Tamrac backpack style bag. Then you see a critter to capture. With this style of camera bag, your backpack is made to easily swing round to your front where you can quickly and quietly unzip the compartment from the top, pull out your camera and take the shot.

If style is a concern then Tamrac covers that too. They offer many different colors and patterns to match your personality. There are even nice suede cases. A tourist with a small point and shoot can find a fun and functional case that holds a camera, passport and money. There are also bags for seasoned photographers and travelers that hold multiple cameras, plus a computer and even a change of clothes.

Visit the Tamrac website to find a dealer near you. Most electronics stores will offer a variety of models and colors. Tamrac also makes tripods and camera straps. As a company they are continually adding more and more features for every level of photographer.


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5 Reasons To Buy A New Camcorder

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Within the modern world the digital camcorder is becoming one of the most commonly used devices. With new models coming into the market place on a regular basis and these all have a ranger of features, camcorders tend to be something that is growing in popularity. Many people do not know, how exactly to operate camcorders properly and get benefited by the features provided. Resulting in footage that is of poor quality, is what can happen when not using the camcorder properly. In order to get great footage of that special event it is important to know how to use the camcorder in the correct manner.

It may be time to consider getting a new camcorder if you are not getting wonderful footage when recording. When planning to buy a new camcorder, it is important to decide upon the amount of money one is ready to spend on it. It’s extremely vital that you work your budget properly before you seek out a camcorder. After you consider your budget for purchasing a camcorder, you need to decide what features are essential.

The first step is for you to decide how much money you have to spend, and after that you should find out what kinds of camcorders are available within your budget. It is important to take time to look at the various camcorders that are available so that you are able to make an informed decision. Lighting is a facet of this. Recording footage in a low light environment with an inappropriate camcorder will result in footage which looks grainy. A suitable camcorder needs to be used in order to still get good quality footage, but is is still possible to take footage in an area that has a low amount of light.

Size of the camcorder is very important and needs to be considered before purchase. as size matters a lot for easy holding of the camcorder. It is vital that a person hold the camcorder correctly so the footage comes out steady. One thing that is important to consider when purchasing a camcorder is the placement of the controls. To take the best picture, you will need to be able to hold, focus, and use the buttons, all while capturing images.

The ability that is has for connecting to the computer, is another feature that is worth considering when it comes to getting a digital camcorder. More and more camcorders are able to connect with a computer on a wireless network, but this new technology is more expensive. If you don’t have enough money, the better option is a video camera with firewire capabilities. Connectivity like this will send files to the computer in a short amount of time. Allowing for the images to be edited, it is handy being able to put them onto a computer.


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Why Good Wedding Photographers are Important

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emilyexonphotoEach year, a lot of couples get married. They do their very best to make sure that their wedding go smoothly. They hire the best caterers, the most sought after wedding venue, the best florist, and almost the best in everything that they could afford. The problem is, sometimes, they fail to get the best wedding photographer and cheap out by hiring cheap and inexperienced wedding photographers. What they fail to realize that this will have a huge impact on the memories that they will have many years later.

No matter how good your memory is over the event that went by, there is no better memory that records the moment of the celebration than photographs. Photographs will reveal parts of the most important even in your life. You would not really know how important hiring a good photographer is until you see the results of your wedding photos. The really good photographers are good at what they do because they have invested on equipment, trainings, seminars, and software to allow them to get a better grasp of what they are capturing. Low cost wedding photographers on the other hand might not have enough experience yet and are just trying to acquire experience through you.

When hiring a wedding photographer, it is important that you do not just rely on recommendations, but that you look at the portfolio of past shoots they have done to get a glimpse of what they are capable of. No one or two or even ten pictures will suffice. You need to get a look at whole session of wedding pictures that placed in an album to   This will allow you to determine what their true capabilities in taking wedding photography is.

Professional wedding photographers like wedding photography have been in this trade for many years. Their experience in wedding photography is invaluable and will prove to be as their main advantage over others. They not only are equipped with state of the art photography hardware, but they also have the necessary software that will allow them to edit and make your wedding photographs more brilliant, vivid, and simply majestic.…

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