A Tamrac camera bag is the brainchild of nature and wildlife photographers who couldn’t find an adequate case for their equipment and style of travel. So rather than settle for one that didn’t work, they created their own. In 1977 Tamrac was founded.

Being from California and lovers of nature, the founders name the company after a pine tree. The Tamrac pine logo is represented on all products. For more than twenty years Tamrac cases have been protecting photography equipment for photographers all over the world.

Tamrac cases are known as carrying systems. It is a system of outer components that keep your camera dry and dirt free, and inner elements that form a protective cushion. Often the bags have adjustable compartments to help you fit your specific camera or set of lenses.

Only the best fabrics and hardware are used to create each bag. The outer materials resist tearing and snagging, and shed water. The same plastic used to protect football players skulls is also used to cushion your valuable camera and lenses.

Tamrac is an innovator in the field of camera bags. They were the first company to use side release buckles on their bags. Zippers, hooks, and clips that close or attach handles, and straps are the heaviest duty available.

The bane of all photographers, specks in the picture. Lint and dust will not stick to the fabric used to line the interior of cases. The core is made with shock absorbing foam. There is a bag to hold the smallest digital camera and one that protects several cameras, lenses, computer and tripod. Some bags have a tiny purse strap, while others have wheels and retractable handles.

In addition to the practical uses, these camera cases are also functionally designed. They are developed with ease of use and quick access in mind. You are hiking up a steep trail with your camera safely and comfortably stored in a Tamrac backpack style bag. Then you see a critter to capture. With this style of camera bag, your backpack is made to easily swing round to your front where you can quickly and quietly unzip the compartment from the top, pull out your camera and take the shot.

If style is a concern then Tamrac covers that too. They offer many different colors and patterns to match your personality. There are even nice suede cases. A tourist with a small point and shoot can find a fun and functional case that holds a camera, passport and money. There are also bags for seasoned photographers and travelers that hold multiple cameras, plus a computer and even a change of clothes.

Visit the Tamrac website to find a dealer near you. Most electronics stores will offer a variety of models and colors. Tamrac also makes tripods and camera straps. As a company they are continually adding more and more features for every level of photographer.