It is safe to say that our homes are our sanctuary and that we are better when we have a home to go home to.  Sadly, there are not many who will get to have their own homes.  However, for those who do, you may want to consider yourself lucky.  No matter how small or big your home is, what matter is that you have your very own home.  This is why if you don’t have a home but find yourself an opportunity to buy one or have one built, you should make sure that you hire the right home builder for the job.  There are plenty of home builders out and getting the right one is a must.

Here are the steps in hiring a home builder:

  1. Find Your Home Builder – finding your home builder can be both easy and hard. You can ask friends, look online, ask your banker, or anywhere where you can find a lead to a home builder. Try to find at least three home builders so that will have three options when it comes time to choosing the home builder you will hire and sign a contract with.
  2. Get Estimates – upon finding your three home builders, ask for estimates on the type of home project you have in mind. Give them time to make their calculations and estimates so that you can have three estimates to choose from later on. Try to do your best in choosing which of the three home builders you will go with based on their estimates, their designs, and of course you gut feeling.
  3. Choose Your Home Builder – choosing a home builder is not always about the estimate they present to you, but more of a gut feel at times. Looking at their portfolio of past projects is also a determining factor, especially if you like the homes that they have made in the past. However, do not let this be the one to determine whom you choose.  It is important to pick wisely.  After all, this is not a cheap investment you are making.
  4. Contract Signing – once you have chosen your contractor, it is time to sign up a contract with them. Make sure that everything you have agreed upon is state in the contract as this will serve as your proof and your protection.

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